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Time flies. Today, I am a year older. But how does this day differ from the past years? It is the fact that today, I am a year away from thirty and still unmarried. I still live with my parents which I don’t think is wrong but for most is unforgivable.

It’s time for us to put a stop on this false urgency. This made-up definition of a valid life at this age won’t do you any better. End this self-criticism that never become wrong in you.

There will be days when you wish you’re in a relationship. There will be days when you dream on getting married and having babies. And there will be days when you feel ugly. It’s okay to feel that way. There is nothing wrong with that.

It is okay to be ambitious even if you’re a single woman. It is okay to focus on your chosen career. It is okay to be happy achieving your career goals even without a life partner. You may be alone, but it doesn’t mean you’re lonely.

Stop comparing your social media posts from others. Stop questioning yourself about the life you have today. Others might have thought of the same thing with you. Enjoy what you have. Continuously chase your dreams. Find the real meaning of happiness within you.

Learn to do things on your own comfortably. Leave the toxic people behind. Make money for yourself. Work your ass off. Do things that will bring you to greater heights with your head held high.

Your happiness doesn’t depend on anyone. Forgive yourself from the failures of the past. Cos if there’s something that you deserve the most, it is to be loved and accepted by you.

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